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Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea

Homemade sauces and marinades, made with local ingredients. Produced and packaged in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, using Annapolis Valley suppliers. 

It's good for your meat!


Infused with hoppin' jalapeno peppers. The right amount to kick start your meat. 


Burning up with scotch bonnet peppers. Not for the faint of stomach. 

Extra Hot

Put fuel to the fire with triple the spicy scotch bonnet peppers. 

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Get Saucy!

You can get buy Saucy Scotian Jerk Sauce at the following locations in Wolfville, Nova Scotia:

- Wolfville Farmers Market

- Hennigar's Farmers Market

You can try Saucy Scotian Jerk Sauce on menu items at:

- The Church Brewing Company 

- The Port Pub

To order for shipping, delivery or pick-up, contact us at: